Ferris wheel is an essential amusement ride in amusement parks, theme parks or some other parks, carnivals, even a city need a big ferris wheel to as its landmark. So where to buy a ferris wheel for sale?  Choose Beston Amusement Equipment Company- an experienced ferris wheel manufacturer in China. Our ferris wheel for sale has competitive price. When people buy a ferris wheel, they want to find the cheap ferris wheel with high quality. If you also think about that, please trust Beston. We will provide best services and high quality ferris wheel for sale for you. Besides, we also have high quality ferris wheel seats and ferris wheel gondolas.

  • Beston 120 Meters Ferris Wheel in the Night
    Beston 120 Meters Ferris Wheel in the Night

What Kind of Ferris Wheel for Sale Do We Have?

As a mixture of sight view and entertainment functions, the ferris wheel ride wins warm praise from tourists at home and abroad. Beston has various ferris wheel, including big ferris wheel, huge ferris wheel, giant ferris wheel, small ferris wheel, kids ferris wheel, antique ferris wheel, and vintage ferris wheel. If you are looking forward to the 20 meters ferris wheel, 30 meters ferris wheel, 45m ferris wheel, 65 meters ferris wheel, 88 meters ferris wheel, even more than 100 meters ferris wheel, we can meet your requirements. Besides, we can product the ferris wheel according to your demands and your places.

High Quality Waterfront Ferris Wheel for Sale

Waterfront Ferris wheel is a kind of ferris wheel which was placed on in the front of water. In the night, when the light is shinning, a reflection on the water glows with the waterfront ferris wheel, which makes the scenery more beautiful. Welcome to buy waterfront ferris wheel for sale from Beston.

Beston Waterfront Ferris Wheel for Sale
Beston Waterfront Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Amusement Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

Observation Wheels for Sale in Beston

Observation Wheels for Sale

Observation wheel is a kind of ferris wheel, and it is well welcomed by visitors in the whole world. Observation ...
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Cheap Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale

Antique Ferris Wheel

Antique Ferris wheel ride is commonly seen amusement ride. And the ferris wheel ride is the most popular amusement ride ...
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Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

Vintage Ferris Wheel

Vintage ferris wheel is a kind of vintage amusement park rides, and receive a lot of praise from customers in ...
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The Description of Amusement Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel(also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel) is a large wheeled mechanical ride with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. The passenger sin the cabin or gondola will gradually rise and fall rotating 360 degrees, overlooking the beautiful landscape from height. There is usually a ferris wheel in an amusement park , a fairground ,a carnival, or theme park. The ferris wheel, as a kind of amusement park mobile game, is called “paradise three treasures” with roller coaster and merry-go-round. But the ferris wheel is also often found on other occasions, usually used as a viewing platform for tourists to enjoy the scenery.

Amusement Ferris Wheel
Amusement Ferris Wheel
  • Model: Amusement Park Ferris Wheel
  • Height: 88 Meter
  • Wheel Diameter: 83 Meter
  • Capacity:  4 Passengers/Gondola
  • Gondolas: 49
  • Power Consumption: 37 KW
  • Lights: Available/Customized
  • Running Period: 15 Min/Circle
  • Drive Mode: Hydraulic

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Category of Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston Kids Ferris Wheel for Sale

Kids Ferris Wheel for Sale

Kids ferris wheel for sale belongs to the vertical rotating around the horizontal axis and the seats hang around the side types ...
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Beston Amusement Ferris Wheel for Sale

Small Ferris Wheel for Sale

Small ferris wheel for sale for kiddie parks use from Beston, also called mini ferris wheel, this actually is a small ...
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Beston Potable Ferris Wheel for sale

Portable Ferris Wheel For Sale

Beston portable ferris wheel is very modern and popular ride in amusement park and playgrounds. It can rotate 360 degrees around the ...
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Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel

The mini ferris wheel is favored by more and more children, so it is also one of the most needed ...
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Ferris Wheel History

The first ferris wheel was designed by American George farris in 1893 at the Columbus memorial in Chicago. The aim is to compete with the Paris tower, which was built in Paris in 1889. The first ferris wheel weighs 2,200 tons and can take 2,160 people. The height is 26 stories. As a result of his achievement, people called this facility “Ferris Wheel”, which is known as the Ferris Wheel.

Best Observation Wheels for Sale in Beston
OFW-05 Best Observation Wheels for Sale in Beston

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Different Size of Beston Ferris Wheel

120m Ferris Wheel in Beston

112m Ferris Wheel for Sale

The Ferris wheel, of course, is the most popular amusement ride for visitors to an amusement park. Old people, children, or ...
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Cheap Price 50M Ferris Wheel for Sale

50m Ferris Wheel for Sale

50m ferris wheel for sale in Beston is welcomed by kids and adults all over the world. If you want ...
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Beston 42m Ferris Wheel for Sale

42m Ferris Wheel for Sale

42m Ferris Wheel is one of the most popular amusement rides and the most classic rides in the theme park ...
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Best Ferris Wheel with 120 meters

120m Ferris Wheel for Sale

120m ferris wheel for sale is welcomed by visitors and customers in amusement rides. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery ...
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High Quality 20m Ferris Wheel

20m Ferris Wheel

The 20m Ferris Wheel is very popular on amusement park, carnival, them park, funfair, kids paradise. Beston has high quality ferris wheel ...
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30m Ferris Wheel For Sale Cheap - Beston Supplier

30m Ferris Wheel

Beston 30m ferris wheel has high quality and beautiful appearance, we have many kinds of ferris wheels’ gondolas. 30m ferris wheel ...
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High Quality 88M Ferris Wheel for Sale

88m Ferris Wheel

The 88m Ferris wheel in Beston can be the perfect centrepiece for your attraction, drawing guests from miles away, which represents ...
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Best 65 Meters Ferris Wheel

65m Ferris Wheel

The 65m ferris wheel in Beston is also called 68m ferris wheel, because the height of the entire ferris wheel ...
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The Features and Advantages of Beston Fairground Ferris Wheel for Sale

  1. Material: The base and bracket of the Beston ferris wheel is made of Steel, and the gondolas and seats are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP) which are equipped with  Non-fading and durable painting.
  2. Design: The height of the ferris wheel and colorful painting make visitors play merrily and enjoy great happiness. When the ferris wheel begins to rotate, it becomes more beautiful with various dynamic music and colorful lights. The gorgeous lighting and great music make the ferris wheel more attractive.
  3. Outlooks: Each ferris wheel can be decorated with the special themes according to your requirements by Beston amusement equipment. Besides, the wheel also can be equipped with the special LED lights, which looks very beautiful in the night.
  4. Quality: Strong steel will promise a quality ride but cheap prices for our customer. Our ferris wheel is safer. We use high quality steel pipe and glass steel, non – toxic and tasteless, stronger. Our ferris wheel has a life span of 15 years.
  5. Customize: the wheel dimension and the gondolas of Beston ferris wheel can be customized to meet the different demands of customers. Next, cabins numbers, heights and color of the Ferris ride can be customize.
  6. Price: Beston has our own factory to produce Ferris wheel for sale, so there is not a three part to add costs. You can buy the high quality ferris wheel with the reasonable price.

Structure of Ferris Wheel Rides

The structure of Beston Ferris wheel
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As shown in the picture, structure of ferris wheel can be divided into truss type and spoke type. The transmission method of includes center shaft, pin roll & gear and friction. In general, medium and small size ferris wheel adopt center shaft, pin roll & gear as transmission method, large size ferris wheel adopt friction as transmission method. There are two kinds of cabins, which are always in closed and semi-closed. At present, most of ferris wheel are closed type.

This kind of ferris wheel rotates around horizontal axis with speed of 15-18m/min, so that passengers can get on and get off the rides easily under operated. The transmission can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical methods. It always need to be equipped with generator or internal combustion engine for large and medium ferris wheel to evacuate passengers should power failure.

Necessary Safety Device and Measure for Ferris Wheel

  1. Doors and windows of cabin have protective barrier. No matter what kind of ferris wheel cockpit, people can’t get out of it. There are sticks in the middle of the Windows.
  2. When power failure or dis-function occurs, emergency stop ferris wheel operation, and then maintenance personnel can carry out corresponding maintenance measures.
  3. Doors of cabin have two locks. When the cabins is on the air, passengers can open it from the inside.
  4. Turntable can rotate in forward and reverse direction.
  5. Hydraulic system has overload protective measure.
  6. Hanging scrolls of cabin have safety measure.
Beston Beautiful Ferris Wheel for Sale
BFWH-02 Beston Beautiful Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Where to Buy a Ferris Wheel —— Beston Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

  • Beston Amusement Equipment Company is a professional ferrris wheel manufacturer in China, and we have more than 10 years experiences in producing ferris wheel and export them. Our customers all over the world give us high praises which means we can be trusted;
  • We have our own factory and all ferris wheels are delivered directly from our factory;
  • Beston integrates design, manufacturing and selling into one;
  • Beston always offers its customers ferris wheel entertainment with reasonable prices;
  • Our company can also offer guidance on how to design an amusement park;
  • Our amusement products cover a wide range of types, diverse in the variety;
  • We can accept customization according to our customers’ requirements;
Our Factory-01
Our Factory
Our Factory-04
Our Factory

Analysis of the Main Points of Daily Maintenance of Ferris Wheel

As we all know, incidental equipment failure of ferris wheel may cause trouble for the owners. Ferris wheel has always been very popular at amusement parks, especially during holidays and festivals. Therefore, daily upkeep is extremely important for the ferris wheel rides operators. Of course ferris wheel manufacturer has the responsibility to provide maintenance or repair. So ferris wheel owners should know how to maintenance their ferris wheel.

You had better learn some basic repair technology, prepare common used tools such as hand vise, spanner, screw driver, electric hand drill and etc. In fact, the structure and transmission method of amusement rides ferris wheel is simple, as long as patient observation for the rides and frequent communication with supplier, you will be an expert. Thus, it will maintenance in time and not delay the business. An experienced professional maintainer will always be able to locate faults in a short time. This can save time for the normal operation of the ferris wheel, because after all, time is money.

Maintenance personnel should observe and inspect key parts frequently and replace some old or defective parts. Every part of the equipment is carefully designed by the designer, so the maintenance should be carefully maintained for each part, so that the equipment won’t have too many important problems. Maintenance work should be carried out regularly to observe and detect key parts and replace relevant parts. Our ferris wheel is carefully designed by the designer, including how big each Angle is, how long each arm is, and the power of the motor. Therefore, it is important to maintain the motor, equipment arm and safety facilities. So be sure to maintain key areas.

In fact, after staid daily examine, there will be not big problem for the amusement park rides and daily examine before operation will decrease the failure rate. if the failure happening is complex, call the supplier because it is their duty.


52 Meters Ferris Wheel
BFWH-03 52 Meters Ferris Wheel

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How to Make Your Amusement Park the Best?

A best amusement park can deliver a great time to everyone, no matter what they’re looking for.For an owner of a large amusement park, to make his or her amusement park be the best is an exciting thing. How to make one amusement park stand out over another? There are many factors involved in it and following are some common things many amusement parks consider.

Firstly, an amusement park should include different thrilling rides and classic rides for all ages, including family rides and kiddie rides. Beston, one of reliable amusement park ride manufacturers, supplies a wide range of amusement park rides for sale. If you need them, welcome to buy Beston rides.

Then is the food. Although most of people just want to go on rides when they visit an amusement park, they are also interested in other things, especially food. Classic amusement park food, such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn and specialty diets can bring more visitors for an amusement park.

Last is the cost and location. Many visitors will think about ticket prices for amusement park rides. Cheap amusement park tickets, available discounts, free parking and special deals can reduce the cost of visiting an amusement park and make an amusement park more welcomed.

Besides, the location of an amusement park is also important. A good amusement park should be convenient for visitors to reach.