As a large and thrilling amusement park equipment manufacturer, the 104 meters Ferris Wheel is favored by children and adults in all ages. Large 104m Ferris wheel rides for sale from Beston Group you can buy for your amusement parks, theme parks, playground and funfairs. The design of Beston 104m ferris wheel puts more emphasis on the physical appearance of the beautifully designed themed gondolas. In other words, no matter what the budget or demographic you are targeting, Beston can and will meet your requirements. If you are considering to get a large Ferris wheel that is above 100 meter, you can try this 104 meter Ferris wheel ride. Welcome to contact us for price quotation.

The Description of 104 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

The Ferris wheel (sometimes called a big wheel, observation wheel, or, in the case of the very tallest examples, giant wheel) is a non-building structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying components attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. And it is a ride that the whole family can enjoy and ride together. Sit back, and enjoy the scenery. Passengers sit above the crowds in a gondola tub that has enough room for a family.

Beston 104 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale
104mFW-01 Beston 104 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Features of Beston 104 Meter Ferris Wheel

  • Total height of this Ferris wheel is 104 meters, but height of the wheel is 99 meter. We use full truss structure to made the whole equipment.
  • There are 60 gondolas that is suspended to the rim of wheel, each gondolas could accommodate 6 people and the capacity is 360 passengers in one time.
  • The area you will placing the wheel should have a solid surface, trees, and other objects should be removed from the area.
  • Air container can be added to the gondolas if you need.
  • Delivery date of 104 m Ferris wheel rides is 50-60 working days.
  • The design is novel, the structure is unique and the shape is beautiful.
  • 360 degrees of rotation, you can look around the landscape from different angles.
  • Elegant and safe design, the player can experience stimulation in a safe situation.
High Quality 104m Ferris Wheel for Sale
104mFW-02 High Quality 104m Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Beston Advantage of Amusement Park 104 Meters Ferris Wheel Rides

  1. Great quality with best price. Beston is a direct manufacuturer in Henan province, China. All materials are produced by our own factory, so low cost, give customers low price with best quality.
  2. The cabins of the 104m ferris wheel are suitable to sit on. The cabins have air conditioning and sound, it is with you cool in the hot summer. The passengers can enjoy the scenery and the beautiful music as well.
  3. You can customize the color, and materials are environmentally friendly.
  4. Easy operated and maintenance. Beston can give you a specification with a CD player.
  5. Best service. We will provide you installation pictures, videos and if you have needs, we can dispatch our engineers to help you design your park and complete the installation.
Cheap Beston 104m Ferris Wheel
104mFW-03 Cheap Beston 104m Ferris Wheel

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Beston – The Professional Manufacturer of 104m Ferris Wheel

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, located in south of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, covers an area of more than 40 acres with more than 8000 square meters of modern workshop.

Beston is a professional manufacturer which specializes in R&D, production, distribution and services of amusement equipment ferris wheel. In 2010, it is the first qualified manufacturer in Henan Province to obtain access to large amusement equipment manufacturing and installation by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. We have experienced workers and large-scale production workshop, so our ferris wheel for sale has high quality, you can totally trust us!

Our Services

We consider customers the most important element for creating the enterprise’s benefit. Therefore Beston has established an integrated service system based on the customer-oriented policy as well as the high quality 104m ferris wheel for sale, perfect services.

1) Before sale: 24 hours on line services. We will provide you the actual & quality products details pictures, videos, park design, help you to check shipping etc.

2) During sale: We will try our best to communicate with you and solve your problem. Once you place order, we will monitor the whole production process strictly.

3) After sale: We will follows up your order, including package, shipment, insurance, installation etc. We can provide installation video/pictures/engineers for you.

If you want to buy 104m ferris wheel for sale, welcome to buy from Beston Company! You deserve to get a high quality and attractive 104m ferris wheel at your amusement parks or other places! Contact us now!!!

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