The Ferris wheel, of course, is the most popular amusement ride for visitors to an amusement park. Old people, children, or young people can always enjoy themselves in the Ferris wheel. People can rest quietly on the magnificent Ferris wheel and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Lovers can whisper in the air while families can enjoy good family time. Therefore, as a merchant of amusement equipment, how can you not equip an amusement park with a Ferris wheel? Now, contact us! Beston will provide you High Quality 112m Ferris Wheel.

Beston 112m Ferris Wheel for Sale
112M FW-01 Beston 112m Ferris Wheel for Sale

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The Description of Beston 112m Ferris Wheel for Sale

The overall height of Beston 112 meters Ferris wheel is 112 meters, and it has 106 meters runner diameter, equipping with 68 sets of pod (air conditioning) allocation of sound and a crew of 6.

The rotation speed of Our 112 meters Ferris wheel not more than 18 m / min, rotation time 25 minutes each circle. And the drive mode of it is hydraulic motor driven friction wheel.

16 group driven by electric power: 380V power 36kw; air conditioning 220V 110KW; 40kW 24V lights, maximum offset load 1 / 4, platform height of 3 meters.

And the 112m Ferris wheel covers an area of 51.5 meters x 45 meters. Besides, the service life of it is 15 years. Moreover, the manufacturing cycle is 8 months, installation period is five months.

120 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston
112M FW-02 120 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

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Features of Beston 112 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

The 112 meter Ferris wheel is equipped with lighting system which will present passengers a beautiful sight at night.

Air conditioning system could be added to offer convenience for passengers.

Quantities of gondolas, heights and colors of the Ferris wheel rides can be customized.

We use quality strong steel materials to make high quality 112m Ferris wheel for sale.

We have many types of gondolas, the round gondolas and square gondolas for you to choose.

Free Ferris wheel rides design and installation videos.

We use aluminum alloy sheet, the surface coating of high-grade paint, colorful and beautiful, and strong anti-corrosion performance. We use import acrylic sheet for the window with good light and strong anti-aging characters. Passengers in the gondolas will enjoy the scenery clearly.

We have 30 meters, 42 meters, 62 meters and 89 meters Ferris wheel rides for sale.

High Quality 112 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston
112M FW-03 High Quality 112 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

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Advantage of Beston 112m Ferris Wheel for Sale

High quality but reasonable price, the professional R&D team can offer you the perfect product.

Our 112 Meter Ferris wheel has longer service life, and it can service 15 years which can earn a lot of money for you.

Strong steel and stainless steel, non-fading painting promise a high quality 1120 Ferris wheel ride for our clients.

Best Services. You will receive the free installation video and instructions together with 112m Ferris wheel.

20/30/42/65/88/120m Ferris wheels are available in Beston.

Cabins and LED lights can be customize.

All around pre-sale and post-sale service.

120m Ferris Wheel in Beston
112M FW-04 120m Ferris Wheel in Beston

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About Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan province, is a professional manufacturer and designer of Ferris wheel rides, and other high quality ferris wheel rides for sale. And as for our factory, it is located in Xing yang city, Henan province. As a one stop service platform, Beston specializes in designing, producing and selling various amusement rides Ferris wheel, ranging from kid’s Ferris wheel to huge Ferris wheel. So we can offer you a complete set of attractions suitable for your amusement rides businesses in various venues, such as amusement and theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, family entertainment centers, shopping malls, gardens, parks.

Why Choose Beston

Direct manufacturer: we have our own factory and professional production and design team.

Rigorous quality testing procedure and professional means of detection make sure the safety and reliable 112 meters Ferris wheel.

Rich exporting experience for and enjoy good reputation all over the world.

Good quality with reasonable price, the professional R&D team can offer you the perfect 112m Ferris wheel in your ideal budget.

Our Service

  1. We provide high quality 112m Ferris wheel for saleand competitive price
  2. We provide direction of installation to help your employees to install the Ferris wheel.
  3. We have professional engineers who can provide appropriate suggestions for your subject.
  4. Provide experienced instruction of how to operate the 112m Ferris wheeland how to manage.

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