Beston 30m ferris wheel has high quality and beautiful appearance, we have many kinds of ferris wheels’ gondolas. 30m ferris wheel attractions for the park wheel ferris for sale also known as observation wheel. Beston has a professional designing team to provide our clients amusement park planning, design, equipment selection, project construction and installation. Welcome to Choose our 30 meter ferris wheel.

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30m Ferris Wheel For Sale Cheap - Beston Supplier
30m Ferris Wheel For Sale Cheap

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30m Ferris Wheel For Sale From Beston Factory
30m Ferris Wheel For Sale From Beston

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The Introduction of Beston Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel is handsome in appearance , which is one of the important equipment in amusement park,also it represent the modern construction scale of amusement park. 30m ferris wheel rides are mainly suitable for parents, and children can also play with their parent together. 30m Ferris wheel is the modern-shaped, luxuriously decorated, and reliable safe fairground ride. It has colorful and cartoon, strong centre pillar, which looks like one cute windmill from the far distance.

30m Small Ferris Wheel For Sale - Beston Supplier
30m Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

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Hot Sale 30m Ferris Wheel - Beston Supplier
Hot Sale 30m Ferris Wheel

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The Features of 30 m Ferris Wheel

  • First, Beston’s 30 meter Ferris wheel with 18 closed gondolas and each gondola can contain four people in the most.
  • Sencond, the 30m ferris wheel covers a very small area. And the area you placing the wheel should have a solid surface.
  • Next, our 30m ferris wheels have beautiful appearance and vivid colors. On the surface of the rides, there are many led lamps which are burst out in dazzling colors at night. And many kids and adults will come to your amusement parks.
  • In the end, all of our steel structure on the ferris wheel have high quality control. You can save a lot of money on repairing it, and our 30m ferris wheel can service a long time.

The Technical Parameter of 30m Ferris Wheel

Cheap 30M Ferris Wheel for Sale
30mFW-03 Cheap 30M Ferris Wheel for Sale

Height: 30m

Diameter: 28m

Cabin: 18PCS

Seats: 4*18=72PCS

Power: 16kw

Space: 25*18m

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The Advantage of Beston 30 m ferris wheel

  1. If necessary, the carnival ferris wheel will equipped with lighting system which will present passengers a beautiful sight at night.
  2. Cabins numbers, heights and color of the Ferris ride can be customize
  3. Strong steel will promise a quality ride but cheap prices for our customer
  4. Great after-sale staff team ensure the easy installation, safe operation and easy maintenance.

The Raw Material of 30m Ferris Wheel

  • Beston has strict quality control on our ferris wheel, starting from the purchase of raw material. The steel sheet and steel tube are from leading manufactures. They have a higher performance: high strength, high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resisting and stand wear and tear.
  • We strive for providing you high quality 30m ferris wheel and let you assure the safety and Beston 30m ferris wheels will have the longer service life and you can save some money on repairing.
30 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston
30mFW-04 30 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston
30 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston
30mFW-05 30 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston


  1. Q:How About The Installation?
    A: We will send you the installation documents for your reference. If you can’t install it by your side, we can dispatch engineer to your place to assist the installation.
  2. Q: What Certificates You Have? Can Your Rides Exported to European Countries?
    A: We have CE, BV and ISO9001 in hand. All our rides products have passed the related quality check and safety check. And our rides have been exported to Greece, Romania and Cyprus in former years.
  3. Q: If The Rides Are Broken In One Year, How will You Repair It?
    A: If the rides are broken naturally not by human, we will send you the parts free; but if it is broken by human, your side have to pay all the cost.
  4. Q: Can It Be Customized?
    A: All our rides can be customized according to your requirements.

Best service for you

  1. Best saleman help you to well know about our 30m ferris wheel and our company.
  2. By your indoor or outdoor site, and our technicians will design the 30m ferris wheels to you.
  3. Provide install CD & products operation manual. And free installation videos will be provide. If you have demands, we will send our professional technician guide rides assemble at your place(of course, you should pay the money).
  4. Beston 30m ferris wheel have 24 months Warranty time. We can repair the damage free of charge for a year, but it can’t be man-made.
  5. Color of the seats and lights are optional.
  6. Delivery date of 30 m Ferris wheel is 50-60 working days.

30m Ferris wheel manufacture in China – Beston Group

Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale amusement rides, kiddie rides and ferris wheel rides manufacturer in Zhengzhou,China. We are also the professional manufacturer in 30m ferris wheel developing, designing and producing. We have lots of excellent designer and professional technician. The 30m ferris wheel rides we produced has got great praises from the clients in all over the world.

We are aiming at creating, designing and producing all kinds of high-quality ferris wheel for sale, including 20m ferris wheel, 30m ferris wheel, 42m ferris wheel, 49m ferris wheel, 50m ferris wheel, 52m ferris wheel, 62m ferris wheel, 65m ferris wheel, 88m ferris wheel, 102m ferris wheel, and 120m ferris wheel. We also supply various kinds of ferris wheel, such as giant ferris wheel, small ferris wheel, huge ferris wheel, and these ferris wheel rides can be added at funfair, carnival, theme park, amusement ferris wheel and supermarket.

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