As an observation wheel, 72 meters Ferris wheel are of high visibility and high comfort. Since observation wheels are often built around beautiful scenes, riders can have a wonderful bird’s view on the ride. 72 meters Ferris wheel for sale in Beston group which is a professional manufacturer, all of our 72m ferris wheel have high quality. 72 meters Ferris wheel is about 20 stories high. For the structure itself, it also can be seen from far away. With sleek designs, bright steel structures, 72m Ferris wheel is a genius of art during day time. While at night, with brilliant light package, 72 meters Ferris wheel is another kind of charm, drawing people like magnet. On top of that, Beston also provides Ferris wheels of different heights: low height kids Ferris wheels, amusement park Ferris wheel from 20m to 50m, giant Ferris wheels of 60 meters to 120 meters.

Beston 72m ferris wheel for Sale
72MFW-01 Beston 72m ferris wheel for Sale

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The Brief Introduction of Beston 72m Ferris Wheel for Sale

The total height of 72m ferris wheel is 72m, and the rotation wheel is 67 meters. The structure is truss, and the drive model is mechanical. The running time of a circle is 15 minutes. The 72m ferris wheel has 48 cabins, and each cabin can takes 4 persons. So, it’s totally can contain 192 persons, you can earn more money! Besides, the covering area is 44 meters multiply by 48 meters.

Beston High Quality 72m ferris wheel for Sale
72MFW-02 Beston High Quality 72m ferris wheel for Sale

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The Advantage of Beston 72 Meters ferris wheel

Beston is a leading company who was involved in this rides manufacturing industry for more than 20 years.

We use FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel Materials for 72 meter ferris wheel.

If necessary, the 72m ferris wheel will equipped with lighting system which will present passengers a beautiful sight at night.

Cabins numbers, heights and color of the 72m Ferris ride can be customize.

Strong steel will promise a quality ride but cheap prices for our customer.

Beston 72 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale
72MFW-03 Beston 72 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Great after-sale staff team ensure the easy installation, safe operation and easy maintenance.

72 meters Ferris Wheel is available for permanent parks or but can be used for trailer mounted (under 8 meter ferris wheel is available).

We provide free installation video and CAD drawing ( if necessary, we can send our engineers to your place to install the ferris wheel).

We provide high quality ferris wheel rides which require a low maintenance.

Excellent after-sales service for each set of our 72 Meters ferris wheel that has been sold.

Beston 72m Ferris Wheel Prices

72m Ferris wheels are often more comfortable than other meters ferris wheels, for they often are larger in sizes, more complex in operation, and more sophisticated structures and operation systems. And the capsules of 72 meters ferris wheels are often more comfortable with cushions, air conditions, and other exclusive experiences.  For a 72m ferris wheel is legacy of a city and we want to help our world become better and better. Except for the costs, you have to take many other things into consideration when you determine your budget. Since the main purpose of 72 meters ferris wheels is to have a panoramic view of whole scenery below, the locations of the 72m ferris wheels for sale should be chosen carefully, such as along rivers, high grounds with beautiful views around.

72 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston
72MFW-04 72 Meters Ferris Wheel in Beston

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72 Meters Ferris Wheels – Manufacturer Beston

Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ferris wheels in China. With qualified certifications, Beston designs and make Ferris wheels of different kinds with different heights. Due to the high quality and reasonable prices, Beston has exported many Ferris wheels, from kiddie Ferris wheels to giant amusement park Ferris wheels, to customers all over the world. As for 72m ferris wheels for sale in Beston, they are always made of high quality steel structures, durable paintings, qualified motors and advanced control systems. In all, 72m ferris wheels are made to last and provide safe and extraordinary experience to riders of all ages worldwide. So Beston group is your perfect choice if you want to find a reliable Ferris wheel manufacturer in China. 72 meters ferris wheels are often above 72 meters high. Beston offers ferris wheels with heights ranging from 20 meters to 120 meters. As for other parts, you can always tell what you want and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Beston Cheap 72m Ferris Wheel
72MFW-05 Beston Cheap 72m Ferris Wheel

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Beston 72m ferris wheel for sale has high quality and attractive appearances. If you are planning to built a new amusement park, 72m ferris wheel is the necessary amusement ride to your place. Welcome to buy 72 meters ferris wheel for sale from Beston. Please tell us what kind of Ferris wheel you want here!

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