Antique Ferris wheel ride is commonly seen amusement ride. And the ferris wheel ride is the most popular amusement ride. There are many types ferris wheel ride in Beston Amusement Equipment Company. It is widely applied to amusement park, theme park, funfair and carnival. Your amusement parks need this wonderful and funny antique ferris wheel. Don’t hesitate to buy high quality antique ferris wheel from Beston! We are also here to wait to cooperate with you! Please quickly contact with us!

Beston Antique Ferris Wheel
AFW-01 Beston Antique Ferris Wheel

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Definition of Antique Ferris Wheel

Antique Ferris wheel, as one of the most popular rides in the amusement park, theme park and funfair centers, usually present as a landmark for one place. Antique Ferris wheel rides in Beson is a kind of amusement ride which is suitable for all age groups, kids, adults and the old can have a trip on this particular ride. Each of the antique ferris wheel equipment can be decorated with the attractive themes, colorful led lights and other decorations as you like. There are some advantages of the antique ferris wheel ride.

Beston Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale
AFW-02 AFW-01 Beston Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale

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How does the antique ferris wheel work?

Antique ferris wheel can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement. In such way, the antique ferris wheel runs and the cars keep upright by gravity. Riders can have a good view for the surroundings, and enjoy the happiness. And the antique ferris wheel ride can load many riders.

The structure of the antique ferris wheel, the antique ferris wheel for sale consists of 20 gondolas, 4 seats per gondola and can carry 80 passengers in total.

High Quality Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale
AFW-03 High Quality Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale

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The Application of Antique Ferris Wheel Rides

Decorated with novel design, unique structure and graceful appearance, the ferris wheel for sale is applicable to both outdoors and indoors, like kiddie fun center, carnival, fairground, shopping mall and amusement park, etc. It is the first ride tourists intend to ride as well as the optimum investment the park owner would like to make. The ferris wheel is a perfect family ride that parents accompany the kids. Kids can gain a wonderful time with family. So nowadays the ferris wheel is more popular with people.

High Quality Antique Ferris Wheel
AFW-04 High Quality Antique Ferris Wheel

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The Technique Advantages of Beston antique Ferris Wheels

  1. Due to the continuous and slow rotation wheel, passengers can hop on or hop off, very safe and convenient
  2. Passengers enjoy watching the surrounding scenery from antique ferris wheel, beautiful scenery and landscapes of the earth, relaxed and satisfied.
  3. The antique ferris wheel is made of the fiberglass steel. The antique ferris wheel ride is a high quality and excellent technology. The antique ferris wheel has anti-rust steel fence and top to protect people’s safety.
  4. Beston has professional engineers’ team technical support, and has our own factory, there is no third part. So, you can get the high quality antique ferris wheel by factory price.
  5. Our antique ferris wheels have longer service life—— 15 years. And you will reduce the payment for repairing this ride because of its strict quality control.
Cheap Antique Ferris Wheel
AFW-05 Cheap Antique Ferris Wheel

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The Features of Beston Antique Ferris Wheel

  • All of our antique ferris wheel rides have the beautiful cabins. And the cabins can be designed into various themes to meet the theme of your amusement parks.
  • The antique ferris wheel is beautiful in the night. Because our workers equipped many lamps on the amusement rides both outside and inside.
  • Our antique ferris wheel have many different size, from 15m to 120m. whether you want to purchase the antique ferris wheel with extreme height or small size, you always can find it in our company.
    Beston has established for over ten years, so we have more than 10 tears installation experience to ensure the installation was completed successfully.
  • FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) cockpit and decoration of ferris wheel rides, durable and beautiful, then passed 60 centigrade high temperature broil, longer live for use, anti-corrosion and difficult fade.
Cheap Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale
AFW-06 Cheap Antique Ferris Wheel for Sale

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What Services You Can Get after Buying Antique Ferris Wheel

We consider customers the most important element for creating the enterprise’s benefit. Therefore Beston has established an integrated service system based on the customer-oriented policy as well as the high quality products, perfect services.

  • Before sale: 24 hours on line services.We will provide you the actual& quality details pictures, videos of antique ferris wheel. Besides, we can provide park design to you.
  • During sale: We will try our best to communicate with you and solve the problem what you meet. Once you place order, we will monitor the whole production process strictly. We will strictly produce the antique ferris wheel by your demands.
  • After sale: We will follows up your order, including package, shipment, insurance, installation etc. We can provide installation video/pictures/engineers for you.
  • Guarantee of ride is 12 months, during this period the unartificial faults of all components is free to change.
  • Profound marketing strategy help clients make profit.
  • Technician training for operation and maintenance.
  • The regular survey for rides analysis & suggestion on operation.

Antique Ferris Wheel Manufacture in China – Beston Group

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