Backyard ferris wheel for sale is cheap in Beston. Backyard ferris wheel is a kind of small ferris wheel or mini ferris wheel, mostly it is designed for kids. And just like it’s name, backyard ferris wheel can put on people’s backyard. More than that, Backyard ferris wheel takes up a small area. So, backyard ferris wheel for sale can places in shopping malls, kiddie amusement parks, carnival, gardens, and other playground. If you are planning to build an kiddie park, backyard ferris wheel for sale in Beston is your best choice! Please feel free to contact us!

BBFW 01 - Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale - Beston Factory
BBFW 01 – Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

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The Brief Introduction of Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

From novel designs of the cabins to the colorful appearances, backyard Ferris wheels in Beston can meet all your needs. Unlike giant Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are much simpler in structures as well as working principles. Besides, like the mini Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are of limited height, usually less than 20 meters high. So these backyard Ferris wheels can be designed to be different themes. And in fact, all of the backyard Ferris wheels are customizable in sizes, appearances, designs, and themes. And of course, you can decorate your backyard Ferris wheels according to the seasons and holidays. Except for the custom new Ferris wheel, Beston group can also offer you quality ones with reasonable prices. The prices of Beston backyard Ferris wheel are lower than those of our competitors, for we really put customer’s interests at the first place.

BBFW 02 - Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale - Beston Factory
BBFW 02 – Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Highlights of Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

  • Great investments. Beston backyard Ferris wheels are low in costs and they are of high quality so that they can last long time. Besides, Beston backyard Ferris wheels are easy to maintain.
  • High quality. Beston backyard Ferris wheels are made of high quality materials, such as robust steel structures, fiberglass cabins, and qualified motors. All of them are built to last and offer safe and fun experience to children all over the world.
  • Small covers area. Backyard Ferris wheels are often of small footprints so that they occupy little space in your theme parks or shopping malls.
  • Attractive appearances. Children love riding backyard Ferris wheels, so Beston made backyard Ferris wheels are often designed with children favorite animation characters, bright colorful paintings, catchy music, etc.
  • Lower price. Beston backyard ferris wheel costs lower than our competitor, but we still use high quality materials to produce backyard ferris wheel for sale.
BBFW 03 - Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale - Beston Factory
BBFW 03 – Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Special Features of Beston Backyard Ferris Wheel

  • Reliable manufacturer. Beston group is a qualified manufacturer and supplier of backyard Ferris wheels in China. And we have exported many kinds of Ferris wheels to our customers all over the world. What’s more, our customers are satisfied with our quality Ferris wheels and we received many excellent feedback.
  • Custom products. There are many kinds of Ferris wheels for you to choose from in Beston group. To be exact, these Ferris wheels are different in sizes, heights, themes, designs. In fact, all of them can be customized to meet your requirements.
  • High quality. As mentioned several times above, Beston group attaches great emphasis on the safety and quality of our Ferris wheels. So all of Beston backyard Ferris wheels are made of high graded materials, such as sturdy steel structures, fiberglass, durable paintings, and qualified motors.
  • Reasonable prices. As a manufacturer of Ferris wheels in China, Beston group endeavors to offer quality Ferris wheels with reasonable prices to customers all over the world. For we want more people all over the world to enjoy the fun of Ferris wheels rather shunned away for the expensive prices.
  • All around services. Buying a backyard Ferris wheel is such as complex and demanding task, so you have to take a lot of factors in consideration. However, if you buy Ferris wheel from Beston group, we will spare no efforts to help you out from pre-sales to after-sales. We are always here for help!

The History of Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

The earliest Ferris wheel was created by George Washington Gale Ferris. Ferris was a graduate of bridge-builder. He learned a lot of basic knowledge about steel, so he accumulated the theory to construct such a ride. The first Ferris wheel had a large capacity. There were 36 cars, each fitted with forty revolving chairs and able to admit 60 people. It was the basic model.

After years development, this ferris wheel ride has more types. The ride is improved gradually as the modern technological development. People can experience more joy and feel comfortable owing to the inner improvement. Each cabin is equipped with small individual air conditioner in order to avoid the affection of climate.

What Services You Can Get from Buying Best Backyard Ferris Wheel

  1. Best salesmen help you to well know our backyard ferris wheel for saleand our company- one of the professional amusement ride manufactures in China.
  2. Experienced engineer and workers produce high quality backyard ferris wheel by your orders.
  3. Our professional inspector will check thequality of backyard ferris wheel before delivery.
  4. Let you know the production progress anytime.
  5. Programme your indoor or outdoor site, and then design the backyard ferris wheelaccording to your demand.

Backyard Ferris Wheel Manufacturer – Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of backyard Ferris wheels in China. Equipped with expertise and advanced technologies, Beston Amusement Rides Company is capable of designing and making various Ferris wheels with different heights,sizes and themes. And with rich experiences, we can keep in line with the needs of customers and keep coming up with Ferris wheels with new designs. For all these, Beston group has exported many kinds of backyard Ferris wheels to our customers all across the globe and has won the recognition as well as praises of our customers. So as trustworthy supplier of Ferris wheels in China, Beston welcomes your quotation as well as your visiting to our factory in China.

Our backyard ferris wheels are widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places. we pride ourselves in providing various backyard ferris wheel which have passed CE and ASTM certification, and above all, our best service all over the world. Our goal is to assure customer satisfaction, safety and fun for children of all ages. Considering the fierce competition, we make it our priority to always keep on innovating and improving our backyard Ferris wheel so as to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign markets.Welcome friends all over the world, and we cordially invite you to visit our factory and see our backyard ferris wheel if you are convenient, and believe we will have good cooperation.

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