Want to get big ferris wheel for sale for your park? Big ferris wheel in Beston has high quality and cheap price. Your amusement park need this wonderful amusement ride to appeal people. Beston is a professional  ferris wheel manufacturer in China, we have many kinds of ferris wheel with different themes. We will provide our national high quality big ferris wheel and excellent services to our customers. If you have needs, please contact us quickly.

Beston Big Ferris Wheel
BBFW-01 Beston Big Ferris Wheel

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What Is the Big Ferris Wheel?

The big ferris wheel, sometimes, is also called big wheel ride, which is one of the most popular amusement rides in many large amusement parks, entertainment park, theme park and so on. A big Ferris wheel has more than 100 fancy ferris wheel gondolas or ferris wheel seats. Tourists sit in the hanging ferris wheel gondolas and slowly up to the top. They can overlook the surrounding scenery from high places. And the big ferris wheel ride is consist of a rotating upright wheel with multiple gondolas that can carry many passengers. In addition, the main components of the big ferris wheel are made of FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel, which makes Beston big wheel rides high quality, environmental friendly and low maintenance. Beston is a professional big ferris wheel manufacturer and supplies the quality ferris wheel for sale of all sizes.

Beston High Quality Ferris Wheel
BBFW-02 Beston High Quality Ferris Wheel

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The Advantages of Beston Big Ferris Wheel

The design of our big Ferris wheel rides is novel, the structure is unique and the shape is beautiful. All of our ferris wheel seats were excellent painted, the colors can resist a long time and will not fading, and we also accept customized painting style.

360 degrees of rotation, visitors can look around the landscape from different angles.

Strict quality control. Beston chooses the satisfactory material to ensure the best quality of our big ferris wheel.

We have good services. First, delivery on time. Then, excellent after sales service,promise will give the solution in three days.

Competitive price. If you want to buy high quality big ferris wheel in lowest cost, choose Beston.

Wide range of application: amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playground , fairground, amusement park, a vacant lot in the city, etc.

Beston Cheap Ferris Wheel
BBFW-03 Beston Cheap Ferris Wheel

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The Types of Beston Big Wheel Ride for Sale

65m Ferris Wheel

The rotation diameter of 65m Ferris Wheel in Beston is 60 meters. It has 36 of gondolas, and each can contain 6 person. So the loading capacity is 216 persons. The occupied area is 38m*32m.

88m Ferris Wheel

The 88 Ferris wheel has 48 of gondolas, and each can contain 6 person. So the loading capacity is 268 persons. The occupied area is 42m*36m.

102m Ferris Wheel

The 102m Ferris wheel has 60 of gondolas, and each can contain 6 person. So the loading capacity is 360 persons. The occupied area is 42m*36m.

High Quality Big Ferris Wheel
BBFW-04 High Quality Big Ferris Wheel

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120m Ferris Wheel

The diameter is 112 meters. It has 60 of gondolas, and each can contain 6 person. So the loading capacity is 360 persons. The occupied area is 45m*51.5m.

Cheap Beston Big Ferris Wheel
BBFW-06 Cheap Beston Big Ferris Wheel

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FAQ about Buying Big Ferris Wheel

  1. Why should you cooperate with us?

—We are the leading manufacturer of ferris wheel in China, and we have professional  machine to ensure the quality of our amusement ride big ferris wheel. Besides, the materials we use are of high quality and our price is competitive.

  1. If I have my own ideas, could you help me design the amusementpark?

—Sure, we have professional designers to help you design the trampoline park according to your requirements and budget, and if you have the wanted plan, we also can help you manufacturer.

3.How About The Installation?

—A:We will send you the installation documents for your reference. If you can’t install it by your side, we can dispatch engineer to your place to assist the installation.

4.What Certificates You Have? Can Your Rides Exported to European Countries?

—A:We have CE, BV and ISO9001 in hand. All our rides products have passed the related quality check and safety check. And our rides have been exported to Greece, Romania and Cyprus in former years.

5.If The Rides Are Broken In One Year, How will You Repair It?

—A: If the rides are broken naturally not by human, we will send you the parts free; but if it is broken by human, your side have to pay all the cost.

Amusement Rides Big Ferris Wheel
BBFW-05 Amusement Rides Big Ferris Wheel

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Professional Big Ferris Wheel Manufacturer – Beston Group

Beston Amusement Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, development, production and sale of big ferris wheel rides and amusement rides. Beston Amusement Equipment Factory as the top amusement rides manufacturers in China, is the expert in manufacturing amusements rides ferris wheel, big ferris wheel, giant ferris wheel, small ferris wheel and concrete sized ferris wheels. Especially, Beston Amusement Equipment does well in developing, designing and manufacturing the big ferris wheel amusement rides for sale and is one of the best amusement rides manufacturer in China, even in the foreign countries. Our big ferris wheels are widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places. Welcome to the around users to consult for field visit. Complete specifications, reasonable structure and good quality are well received by customers. The indicators of our big ferris wheels are in line with national quality standard of amusement rides. Our Pursuit is to provide superior quality products and competitive price. Our Objective is to build a long lasting and mutually profitable relationship with every customer.

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, the leading firm in the sector of amusement rides industry. Warmly welcome all customers at home and in the foreign countries to come to visit our factory, sincerely build the close cooperation relationship with all friends in the world and develop a long term, stable and reliable trading partnership with them. With the first-class management, first-class products, first-class quality, and first-class service, we are willing to pursue in all development customers hand in hand. Buy cheap but high quality big ferris wheels, choose Beston! Your best choice!

If you want to know more details about our big wheel rides, please contact us, and you will get a soon reply!!!

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