Carnival Ferris Wheel for sale is the necessary amusement ride in your carnival. Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel with Different Cabins, 2 People, 4 People, 6 People Cabins Are Available In Our Factory!  Welcome to buy Beston carnival ferris wheel rides Now!

Different Types of Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

BBFW 01 - Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale - Beston Factory

Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

Backyard ferris wheel for sale is cheap in Beston. Backyard ferris wheel is a kind of small ferris wheel or mini ferris wheel, mostly it is designed for kids. And ...
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Beston Amusement Ferris Wheel for Sale

Small Ferris Wheel for Sale

Small ferris wheel for sale for kiddie parks use from Beston, also called mini ferris wheel, this actually is a small size ferris wheel, especially for children playing. Children also want ...
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Beston Potable Ferris Wheel for sale

Portable Ferris Wheel For Sale

Beston portable ferris wheel is very modern and popular ride in amusement park and playgrounds. It can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement which ...
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Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel

The mini ferris wheel is favored by more and more children, so it is also one of the most needed equipment for amusement equipment manufacturers. Our company's mini ferris wheel ...
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Brief Introduction of Carnival Ferris Wheel

Carnival Ferris wheel is a kind of ferris wheel for sale from Beston is attractive and gorgeous in appearance. It is a non-building structure which consisting upright wheel with lots of cabins or we can say gondolas and rider’s basket. These cabins always attached to the rim of the Carnival Ferris wheel ride and keeps up-righting by gravity. Each of the cabin can hold up to 4 person, so it is a perfect family ride between parents and kids. Wheel of the giant observation is driven by electric control system. Riders will move with the wheel rotate. And in the cabin, they could also enjoy the whole landscape around the Carnival Ferris wheel.

Beston Backyard Ferris Wheel with High Quality
BFW-01 Beston Backyard Ferris Wheel with High Quality

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Advantage of Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel

  • Strong steel and stainless steel, non-fading painting promise a high quality giant Ferris wheel ride for our clients.
  • Free installation video and instructions.
  • High quality but reasonable price, the professional R&D team can offer you the perfect product.
  • 20/30/42/65/88/120m Ferris wheels are available in Beston.
  • Cabins and LED lights can be customize.
  • All around pre-sale and post-sale service.

If you need carnival ferris wheel for your project about amusement parks, large squares, etc. You can contact Beston for other different height of ferris wheel rides. Contact Us Now for price!

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