The giant ferris wheel for sale from Beston Amusement, a kind of landmark entertainment equipment for people to enjoy the scenery and have a rest. One of the must-have rides in the amusement park is a giant ferris wheel, and adults and children are attracted to their magnificent and beautiful appearance. Beston is an entertainment equipment company with over ten years experience and a large number of skilled workers. We produce a wide range of ferris wheel from 50 meters to 120 meters. And our factories accept customized, the shape and color of cabins are not fixed, it can be changed according to the concept of amusement park or tourist attractions. Welcome to contact us and customized the giant ferris wheel from Beston! We will allow you to earn more money with the least cost.

Beston Amusement Ferris wheel
GFW-01 Beston Amusement Ferris wheel

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The Description of Giant Wheel Ride

Giant Ferris Wheel for sale is a large amusement ride with large wheel and more gondolas, which has a large and beautiful look, especially in the night. Its colorful lights light in the dark night shining out the amazing views. Besides, giant ferris wheel is a large-scale mechanical structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. The ferris wheel, as a blend of visual landscape and entertainment functions, has won warm praise from tourists both at home and abroad.

Application Of Ferris Wheel Ride For Sale

  • First, Ferris Wheel Rides can be used in big amusement place, such as amusement park, theme park, carnival and city squares.
  • Second, The ferris wheel can be used as a cultural landscape or location symbol for free use, and also can be used as park play project through pay-per-use.
  • Next, according to your site size, we will design the suitable Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel for you.
  • Finally, giant observation wheel in Beston also can be used in other places, such as shopping mall, school, backyard, plaza and community.
Beston Ferris Wheel for Sale
GFW-02 Beston Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Features of Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale

  • More attractive. The giant ferris wheel is particularly prominent in many buildings because of its special height, and it can attract many visitors.
  • Larger capacity. Giant ferris wheels have more gondolas and struts to carry more people, so you can make more money.
  • There are more than 6,000 incandescent bulbs that can perform 16 different shows and create a spectacular light show in the night.
  • Our giant ferris wheel is safer. Deep, high-back gondola seats and automatic closing doors offer riders a feeling of security.
  • More Easy Operation. Automatic gondola positioning for loading and unloading reduces operator workload.
  • Screen displayed diagnostics for ease of ride maintenance.
 Cheap Giant Ferris wheel
GFW-03 Cheap Giant Ferris wheel

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Technique Advantages of Wheel Giant

  1. Passengers enjoy watching the surrounding scenery, beautiful scenery and landscapes of the earth, relaxed and satisfied.
  2. Our ferris wheelis very popular among the kids, lovers and staff.
  3. Giant Ferris wheel is a necessary equipment in outdoor and indoor playground, theme park, square, kindergarten, funfair, building area, etc…
  4. Due to the continuous and slow rotation wheel, passengers can hop on or hop off, very safe and convenient.
  5. Guaranteed materials. Our giant ferris wheel consist ofFRP & iron & stainless steel structure.
  6. Various shapes of cabin. We have many kinds of giant ferris wheel cabins , including large size or small size & painted patterns.
  7. Customized is available. You can customized the sizes and light colors of giant ferris wheel rides.
  8. Suitable for all ages. Both adults and children can ride in giant ferris wheel. People can spend sweet time with family, lovers and children, enjoy the wonderful time together, and enhance each other’s feelings.
 Giant Ferris Wheel with High Quality
GFW-04 Giant Ferris Wheel with High Quality

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How Long Does Ferris Wheel Ride Running?

Ferris wheel rides turning speed can be adjusted in the central control room. Generally, a common ferris wheel need about 20 or 30 minutes to take a round. But if you buy a big ferris wheel ride for sale from Powerlion for your park, as a business you can adjust the speed according to your park’s visitors flow rate. The faster turning speed will lead the more visitors to take. Thus you will get the more fees.

What Services You Can Get from Beston

  1. Best salesmen help you to well know our products and company.
  2. Experienced engineer and workers produce your orders.
  3. Professional inspector check thequality of giant ferris wheel for sale before delivery.
  4. Let you know the production progress anytime.
  5. Program your indoor or outdoor site, and then design the giant ferris wheel according to your demand, including colors and size.

Packaging & Shipping

  • Standard package with plastic film, we can also pack it according to your requirements with wooden case or steel frame.

Packaging Detail

  • Delivery Detail: 60 days after 30% deposited payment ( 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment).
Attractive Amusement Giant Ferris Wheel
GFW-05 Attractive Amusement Giant Ferris Wheel

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Giant Wheel Manufacturer – Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd., is one of the large-scale professional amusement equipment manufactures in China, located in the beautiful central and green city- Zhengzhou. The company set research and development, design, production and processing service in one. There is complete mechanical processing equipment, equipment designed and manufactured for security, innovative, exciting features. Sophisticated production level, beautiful shape and not faded paint as the main product features.

Our Market is all over the world, such as Pakistan, Germany, the UK, Korea, Japan, Spain, Chile, Russia, Finland, etc. Our Pursuit is to provide superior quality products and competitive price. Let the user rest assured on the quality, let the user satisfied on the price. Our goal is to innovate and forge ahead. Our Objective is to build a long lasting and mutually profitable relationship with every customer.

Beston Giant Ferris Wheel
GFW-06 Beston Giant Ferris Wheel

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If you are looking for giant wheel ride in high quality and in low price, choose Beston! We will provide the best giant ferris wheel and best services! The shortest answer is doing! Please contact us as quickly as you can!

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