Ferris wheel is a very common seen amusement ride in park and is popular among people. But you maybe just played it and do not know how it works.

Before you plan to buy amusement rides – ferris wheel, you must wondering how does a ferris wheel works. Everyone has curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Only by knowing how it works can you better understand it and trust its safety. Now Beston will unveil the mystery of the ferris wheel:

How Does A Ferris Wheel Works
How Does A Ferris Wheel Works
A-How Does A Ferris Wheel Works
A-How Does A Ferris Wheel Works

First of all, you need to know: according to the difference of operating mechanism, ferris Wheel can be divided into two kinds: gravity ferris Wheel and Observation Wheel. The cockpit of the gravity ferris wheel is mounted on wheels to maintain the level of gravity. The cockpit on the view ferris wheel is suspended from the outside of the wheel, requiring a more complicated mechanical structure of the connecting rod, and adjust its holding level synchronously with the rotating position of the carriage. Then, we all know ferris wheel rides are large, non-building structures which rotate around a central axis.

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The gondolas of gravity ferris wheel are connected to the ferris wheel on the outer ring, and most of the wheel chairs are hung down. Because of the gravity of the earth, the ferris wheel’s cockpit is always parallel to the ground in order to keep it stable. When the ferris wheel rotates, the wheel chair moves with the point of the outer ring of the ferris wheel, but it is always parallel to the ground. Then, this cycle continues for the duration of the ride. This is how does a gravity ferris wheel work.

Usually when you at the tops of ferris wheel, you will feel lighter while when you at the bottom of a ferris wheel, you will feel heavier. This is caused by centripetal acceleration.

Next, we can know more about the work principle from a picture below:



(1) is the top-most position and (2) is the bottom-most position

Point P is where the gondolas are attached to the Ferris wheel

Point C is where the passengers sit (on the gondola)

R is the radius of the Ferris wheel

W is the angular velocity of the Ferris wheel, in radians/s

The forces acting on the passengers are due to the combined effect of gravity and centripetal acceleration, caused by the rotation of the Ferris wheel with angular velocity.

Now, you already know the work principle of giant ferris wheel, and you can buy the giant ferris wheels for your amusement parks as quickly as possible! Don’t hesitate! We are your best choice.

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    How Does A Ferris Wheel Work