I believe you have the same question as me: how many gondolas are there in the ferris wheel? We should analysis the questions from different sizes of ferris wheel rides. As one of the largest ferris wheel rides manufacturer, Beston here will give you a detail description about this question, because different height of ferris wheel rides will attached with different gondolas. You can also know others.

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We have 10 types of large Ferris wheel rides, and three kinds of kids ferris wheel(is also called mini ferris wheel).

Size Gondolas Persons
20 Meter Ferris Wheel 12 Gondolas 4 Persons
30 Meter Ferris Wheel 18 Gondolas 4 Persons
42 Meter Ferris Wheel 24 Gondolas 4 Persons
28 Gondolas 4 Persons
50 Meter Ferris Wheel 32 Gondolas 4 Persons
65 Meter Ferris Wheel 36 Gondolas 6 Persons
42 Gondolas 4 Persons
72 Meter Ferris Wheel 48 Gondolas 4 Persons
88 Meter Ferris Wheel 54 Gondolas 6 Persons
104 Meter Ferris Wheel 60 Gondolas 6 Persons
112 Meter Ferris Wheel 68 Gondolas 6 Persons
120 Meter Ferris Wheel 60 Gondolas 6 Persons
Small Ferris Wheel
6 Meter Ferris Wheel 5 Gondolas 2 Persons
8 Meter Ferris Wheel 6 Gondolas 2 Persons
15 Meter Ferris Wheel 8 Gondolas 2 Persons


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Now you already get the answers. When you purchase Ferris wheel, you can consider its gondolas and capacity. It is no doubt that more gondolas can contain more people, so you can earn more money every circle when the ferris wheel spins.

Besides, you can customized the size of ferris wheel rides, and you also can choose the number of the gondolas. If you have needs of amusement ride ferris wheel, Please choose Beston! We will provide high quality ferris wheel and our best services!

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    How Many Gondolas Are on the Ferris Wheel