Huge ferris wheel for sale in Beston is popular among kids and adults. We exported huge ferris wheel all over the world. Your amusement parks need huge ferris wheel with high quality. Huge Ferris wheel for sale are welcomed in many places, including amusement park, theme park, carnival and fairground. If you have needs, please contact us! We are always waiting for corporate with you.

Huge Ferris Wheel Rides - 108 Meter
HFW-05 Huge Ferris Wheel Rides – 108 Meter

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The Information of Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale

Amusement equipment huge ferris wheel, handsome in appearance, is one of the important equipment in amusement park, which also represent the modern construction scale and strength of an amusement park. It is the best rides for lovers to enjoy the romantic moments. It is the highest amusement rides to take you to enjoy the grand landscape of a city. Can take you to the highest point of the sky, also the lowest down to ground. Huge Ferris Wheel is grand and beautiful in appearance, which is one of the most important and largest equipment in park.

Huge Ferris Wheel Rides
HFW-06 Huge Ferris Wheel Rides

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This kinds of amusement equipment huge ferris wheel belongs to the vertical rotating around the horizontal axis and the seats hang around the side types equipment. Passengers sit in the overhead bin , ups with the turntable , broaden our horizon and have a good view of the beautiful scenery. Especially in th the luxury LED lights make the huge ferris wheel more beautiful.

Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston
HFW-01 Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

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The Features of Huge Ferris Wheel in Beston

  • FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) cockpit and decoration of Huge Ferris Wheel, durable and beautiful, used the car paint, then passed 60 centigrade high temperature broil, longer live for use, anti-corrosion and difficult fade;
  • High quality. Beston uses high standard steel structure to build Huge Ferris Wheel, which is strong and firm. Stainless, made of fiber glass and stainless steel.
  • Long service life. Beston huge ferris wheel all used high quality material, and it can services 15 years old;
  • Cheap price. Beston huge ferris wheel for sale has cheaper price than other manufacturer in China. But we can also ensure the quality of our huge ferris wheel. Strict quality control with competitive price;
  • Attractive design and various styles; Beston has many kinds of cabins and colors to choose from.
  • People can Relaxed. Due to the continuous and slow rotation wheel, passengers can hop on or hop off, very safe and convenient.
  • Can be customized according to your requirements. If you have special requirements, our technicians will product by your demands.
Beston Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale
HFW-02 Beston Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale

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How Much Does a Huge Ferris Wheel Cost?

The cost of the huge ferris wheel in United States and China has a big difference. It is not easy to give an accurate answer. It is mainly decided by the country you buy the wheel ride from, the ferris wheel manufacturer, the height of the observation wheel, the quality of panoramic wheel, and so on. The ferris wheel prices in China are relatively lower. However, the product quality of this amusement rides is approximately the similar in China, especially in Beston company. Beston always is closely keeping in step with the world’s advanced techniques. The whole producing process is in our own factory, which can greatly reduce the business cost of middlemen. Besides, we are confident with our products and are never put too much money to advertising our products. Therefore, the ferris wheel cost is relatively lower than other companies. But, do not worry about the product quality. Our mission is to manufacture and provide innovative, safe and HIGH QUALITY amusement rides by using SUPERIOR QUALITY materials and superior advanced technologies as we always do. Quality and safety are our primary goal! If you contact us now, you can buy the BEST QUALITY ferris wheel at the reasonable prices! And your investment can get a higher return in a short time!

High Quality Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston
HFW-03 High Quality Huge Ferris Wheel for Sale in Beston

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Advantages of Beston Amusement Equipment Company

We are professional manufacturer in China, so all of our huge ferris wheel are factory direct;

Application: amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor and indoor playground etc;

We have good services. Good pre-sale services, and excellent after sales services;

Delivery on time.

Cheap Huge Ferris Wheel in Beston
HFW-04 Cheap Huge Ferris Wheel in Beston

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Our Services Include Four Parts:

Part-1:Freely provide installation drawing &CD and responsible for maintenance and changing accessories in one year guarantee period.

Part-2:Dispatch engineer and workers to your countries to guide installation if needed, you just need to pay transport fee and their wage.

Part-3: Four trade manager and Skype can contact us timely and conveniently.

Part-4:Certificates we can offer are ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV.

Huge Ferris Wheel Manufacturer – Beston Group

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of huge ferris wheel. We also have many other amusement rides, including rotating rides, self control plane, carousel series, flying chair series, and other kinds of ferris wheel rides. All of our huge ferris wheel comply with national quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Beston adopts the best quality raw materials which conforms to the national standard. Do not hesitate to drop us an email to contact for free quotation!

Where to Buy a Huge Ferris Wheel?

You can choose the professional ferris wheel manufacturer in China – Beston Amusement! Many businessmen choose to buy their amusement park rides from China, because they obviously can get a cheaper prices. However, the quality of the ferris wheel in China is competitively better than many other countries. You may find the carousel wheel in China has a big difference and there is no idea how to choose the most suitable manufacturer among so many ferris wheel supplier. The best way is to come to China to visit their factory and company. Generally speaking, Seeing is believing and hearsay is undependable. Beston welcomes every customer to come to our factory and company to check the product quality. Beston factory has abundant experience of designing and producing various amusement park equipment, including various ferris wheel, such as giant or big ferris wheel of different height for families, small or mini ferris wheel for kids, portable ferris wheel and so on.

Huge ferris wheel for sale in Beston has high quality and cheap price. Your amusement park need this popular amusement rides, if you have needs and please contact us! Your investment can get a higher return in a short time!

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