Vintage ferris wheel is a kind of vintage amusement park rides, and receive a lot of praise from customers in the whole world. Are you looking for vintage Ferris wheel for your amusement parks or theme parks? Beston has high quality vintage Ferris wheel for sale in low price. You can buy vintage Ferris wheel form Beston!

Best Vintage Ferris Wheel
VFW-01 Best Vintage Ferris Wheel

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Introduction of Beston Vintage Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel (also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel) is a large-scale mechanical structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. Passengers in the cabin or gondola will gradually rise and fall rotating 360 degrees along with turn of the wheel and overlook the beautiful landscape from height. As a mixture of sight view and entertainment functions, the ferris wheel ride wins warm praise from tourists at home and abroad. The popular amusement ride or family ride is widely used in theme park, amusement center, carnival and fun fair, shopping malls etc.

The Operating Principle of Vintage Ferries Wheel in Beston

The Vintage Ferris Wheel for Beston can rotate 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement which thrills as if through time and space. The motor transforms high rotation speed and low torque mechanical power into high torque and low rotation speed mechanical power under the action of reducer. Then, the mechanical power is transferred to wheel disc through tire or other intermediary organization with elasticity and strength. Ferris wheel is modern and very popular major rides in amusement park and playgrounds. Passengers can ride on the modern-shaped, luxuriously decorated, and reliable safe vintage ferris wheel by Beston.

Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale
VFW-02 Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

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The Economic Benefits of Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

Vintage Ferris wheels in Beston have many different dimensions and can bring more incredible economic benefits. Meanwhile, vintage ferris wheel is a landmark building of a city or a wonderful amusement park. A giant vintage Ferris wheel will reveal the comprehensive strength of a park and catch visitors’ attention instantly. What’s more, more tourists will drive tertiary industry development in the park. As a top amusement ride supplier, Beston group produces a wide variety of vintage ferris wheels including mini ferris wheel for sale from 20m to 50m and giant ferris wheel from 50m to 120m. Our vintage ferris wheels rides are manufactured to satisfy specific necessities, such as climatic conditions, strong winds, air temperature and earthquake threat. Large investment represents a substantial potential benefit.

Features Of Beston Ferris Wheel Vintage for Sale

  • Beston is a professional amusement rides manufacturer, owning high-end produce with good quality, excellent in workmanship and best service. We have all kinds of certificate, mainly including CE/ISO/SASO certificates.
  • Beston vintage Ferris wheel has reasonable price, and you will receive spare parts at the same time.
  • Material: fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP)&Steel, thickness of fiberglass is 5-8mm. FRP cabins is firstly painted by anti-rusting painting and then colorful painting, unfading. Besides, we have our own baking finish house,it make the fiberglass shinning & smoothly.
  • Customized according to your requirements, such as color, size, capacity, and style.
  • Beston vintage ferris wheels are equipped with gorgeous lighting, wonderful music, Non-fading and durable painting.
  • Beston will provide seaworthy package cotton fabric & plastic film wooden case packing.
Vintage Ferris Wheel Rides in Beston
VFW-03 Vintage Ferris Wheel Rides in Beston

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What You Can Get from Beston

Pre-sale services

We serve as good consultants and assistants to clients;Give them a good return on their investments.

Select the vintage ferris wheel models with customers;

Design and manufacture vintage ferris wheel according to clients’ special requirement;

Services during the sale

Respect clients; devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.

Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery;

Help clients to draft solving plans.

After-sale services

(1)Train technical personnel for clients;

Packing Detail

Natural packing. We will use cotton fabric and Bubble Film to pack our vintage Ferris wheel.

All of vintage ferris wheels are inspected carefully by quality control before delivery.

Delivery Time

Normally we do not stock the ferris wheel. As customers may have their special required details.


1)How to maintain and clean the vintage Ferris wheels?

A: It is no need to maintain everyday, regular cleaning and checking is enough. Our raw material is FRP which is anti-corrosion, UV-resistant, high-strength, smooth surface, good capability of safety and environment friendly. Our ferris wheel can be well work under the strong sunlight or the rains.

2)How long is the warranty time ?

A: Warranty time: 12 months. Warrant conditions see below:

If any quality problems (except man made problems and under abnormal use) happen during warranty time, for example, crack of plastic accessories, color fading and damage of the iron parts etc. The buyer should inform the seller within 14 days after finding the quality problems. And the buyer should provide the same quality and new accessories free within 30 days.

3)Do you have any certificate of the products?
A: Yes, we have CE, TUV, GS and ISO certificate.

About Beston – Vintage Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional ferris wheel manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production and sale of Amusement Equipment. We are located in Zhengzhou City with convenient transportation access. Through years’ development, now we have more than 600 skilled workers and 50 technicians and modernized workshops covering 63,000 square meters. We have become one of the largest vintage Ferris Wheel Manufacturers in China. Our products are widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds and other places. We pride ourselves in providing various Ferris wheels which have passed CE and ASTM certification, and above all, our best service all over the world. Our goal is to assure customer satisfaction, safety and fun for visitors of all ages. Considering the fierce competition, we make it our priority to always keep on innovating and improving our products so as to meet the need of both domestic and foreign markets. Welcome friends all over the world, and we cordially invite you to visit our factory and see our products if you are convenient, and believe we will have good cooperation.

Beston vintage Ferris Wheel for sale is hot sell all over the world and popular with children and adults. Our vintage Ferris wheel has new design and welcomed by buyers, and we have many kinds of vintage ferris wheel for sale. Beston Ferris wheel vintage has competitive price and our company will provide best service for you. Most importantly, Beston has rich experience in amusement rides, specially in ferris wheel. You should purchase ferris wheel from the larger factory  for your amusement parks.

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